Solution to plant commissioning and start-up

The solution of PIMS CMS is described as follows:


The engineering commissioning covers:

  • Data Import:
    • Files;
    • Other Engineering Databases;
    • Full History Tracking.
  • Mirror image of external engineering sources;
  • Enable Direct Input: Removing need for other ”uncontrolled” sources (Ex: Excel);
  • Master Tag Register of the project;
  • Validation tool (Optional):
    • Report duplicates, Tag syntax, missing drawing;
    • Check data quality;
    • Intelligent reporting based on Completion Status;
    • Send feedback to data source.

The work flow is described as follows:

Mechanical Completion

The mechanical completion covers:

  • Breakdown into manageable packages;
  • Automatic generation of all barcode readable certificates/checklists;
  • “Intelligent scanning” of Check Lists;
  • Timely and smooth sequenced handover;
  • Administration of punch items  and Carry Over Work;
  • Status logging against each Tag based on verified documentation;
  • Status reporting as required: By system, area, contractor etc;
  • Can be interfaced with (sub)contractor’s management systems;
  • Query system for tracking SQ’s/TQ’s, comm. queries, etc.

The work flow is described as follows:


The commisioning covers:

  • Verification of scope handed over from Mechanical Completion;
  • Administration of punch items;
  • Commissioning Checklists;
  • Commissioning Packages breakdown;
  • Develop Commissioning Procedures;
  • Full Status at anytime;
  • Daily Logs and Activities;
  • Vendor Callouts.

The work flow is described as follows:


The preservation covers:

  • Setup of Preservation maintenance checklist;
  • Activate item in the preservation program;
  • Produce weekly worklists;
  • Input status and any negative findings;
  • Produce/issue weekly and monthly preservation reports.

The work flow is described as follows:


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