Complete Photogrammetry Workflow

Includes applications for automatic triangulation, stereo feature and DTM collection and editing, automatic DTM and DSM generation, and automatic orthomosaic production.

High Performance and High Capacity

ImageStation components utilize 64-bit processing, multithreading, and distributed processing to maximize throughput for virtually unlimited-sized projects.

Aerial and Satellite Triangulation

Includes GNSS/INS data processing, POSEO support, camera calibration, graphical error analysis, multi-photo point measurement, automatic tie/pass point matching and bundle adjustment of satellite RPCs.

Feature and DTM Collection

Includes interactive stereo feature and DTM collection and editing with smooth roam, dynamic zoom, and on-the-fly image enhancement directly integrated with GIS and CAD.

High-Throughput Orthomosaic Creation

Includes ortho project planning, orthorectification, adaptive radiometric enhancements, tone balancing, mosaicking, true ortho capability, and automatic seamline generation.