SmartPlant Construction meets the specific needs of construction companies, project management offices, fabricators and owners in managing construction resources, materials and schedules.

Its intuitive, configurable interface enables work planners to create effective work packages. All plans use industry-proven workflows.

Real-time reports provide dynamic planning capabilities. Only one configurable window allows planners to modify.

Advantages of software

Data recovery

Search for Models, Drawings, and imported components by name, type, status, and document quantity. This provides more efficient data identification and retrieval, including the detailed status of retrieval, partially retrieved, or items to be retrieved.

Planning interface

The scheduler interface includes change management features to identify new, existing and updated items and select only the items that need to be updated for high-quality planning data with Smart Construction.

Forecast and filter construction materials

This feature provides unique color definitions of material states in a project’s materials forecasting environment for quick identification of materials supply chain issues.

Details of the assembly process

Scaling assembly processes allows planners to quickly view individual components for efficient data literacy, leading to better planning for field work.

Full process flexibility

Schedule Rules Components with Scale Tables provide dynamic updates as required by Progress Rules allowing administrators to quickly react to changing conditions in the field.

Filter Category Search

Enhancing productivity for applying filters allows users to efficiently filter data without having to scroll through hundreds or thousands of filters for assemblies, drawings, spools, packages, and pack states.

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