Introduction of Go Vap’s security surveillance and monitoring center

In 2018, TrueTech and VNPT implemented the project to build the security surveillance and monitoring center for Go Vap District.

The center is connected with individual household cameras in Go Vap to form a security surveillance and monitoring system for the district, contributing to ensuring security and safety.
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Introduction of common maintenance types

Asset management and equipment maintenance are today critical in the digital transformation of plant operation. Each industry as in Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Energy, Food...

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GIS-based asset and infrastructure management

The assets of the enterprise are scattered over many geographical areas, which will make it difficult to manage assets as well as keep a close eye on the work schedule. Geospatial-based asset, equipment...

FaceID for time attendance systems

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Design on 3D modelling

The solution breaks all the limits of the old design process, instead offering a new way of working - multidisciplinary - integrated design based on rules and data in one environment visual virtualization.
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