Maintenance solution to manufacturing

Challenges in manufacturing

A typical manufacturing factory today would be fitted with an array of complicated and highly sensitive equipment. From peeling machines to refrigeration plants and very complex packing machinery, every component demands constant attention. Each one of these assets is part of a fast-moving production line that require specialized skills to monitor and keep in peak operating condition. In addition, this industry is under constant pressure to both improve and modify existing machinery, while also adopting new technology (especially automation). Additionally, manufacturing must enforce hygienic practices, safety, HSE, etc.

In spite of working under the strictest rules and standards, Manufacturing works under the highest pressures to produce the most highly-standardized but competitively-saled products while maintaining the production lines to work at optimum. That’s the reason why maintenance/repair activities have been seen as the important factor to reduce operating costs in production lines. These jobs require:

  • Quick identification of changes in equipment operation.
  • Strict compliance with product quality and equipment performance.
  • Equipment maintenance in co-relation with others in the same production line.
  • Identification and management of critical assets.
  • Optimization of equipment lifecycle.
  • Effective management of shifts and shift hand-over.

Maintenance solution to Manufacturing

Asset and maintenance/repair management of InforEAM from Infor is one of the world’s leading products in the industry. The solution focuses on in-depth asset and maintenance/ repair practices in the vertical industries like F&B, Power, Oil&Gas, Healthcare, Fashion, Petrochemicals, etc.

Equipment Management

InforEAM allows users in a detailed and accurate way to follow and manage equipment including spare parts information, maintenance plan, outsource contracts, safety plan, inspection points and other related information. This data helps managers to keep updated with daily operation and equipment history to support more precise decision making.

Operating Location

InforEAM allows to enter data and locate the equipment (the location where the equipment is installed and operating) in logical organization to help managers and users have an overview of their plant without going to the site. Work Order can be planned according to the operating location or the equipment in a typical operating location. The operating location also helps managers follow the whole lifecycle of an asset (Equipment history) as well as the equipment performance at any location.

Resources Management

InforEAM allows to follow and manage the resources available for maintenance or repair activities at any time like mechanical, electrical or welding engineers. Additionally, the payroll of each role is also stored and managed in the system to calculate the real costs for each asset or equipment. From the system, managers can have detailed information about the qualification of their resources to help plan their work more precisely. By planning personnel into a group, the system can assign the job for a whole group instead of each single personnel.

Safety Plan

InforEAM allows to create safety plans as follows:

  • Number each safety plan.
  • Create safety plan for a typical type of work.
  • Follow hazardous spare parts to an equipment and their operating location.
  • Determine the appropriate safety plan of the equipment and their operating location.
  • View and link with documents.
  • Link the safety plan with each work plan, each PM plan and each work.
  • Auto-generate the safety plan of each work.

Work Management

InforEAM allows planners to determine which work will be assigned to which resource and when to include long-term or urgent plans.

Maintenance Management

  • Create PM plans based on the latest work or the latest completion. The system can also help to display the due date as well as the next work plan.
  • Follow the plan extension or adjustment for the next deadline.
  • Follow and manage the execution of the maintenance or repair plan.
  • Generate sequentially the work if necessary.
  • Create the work plan on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.
  • Pre-define the man-days to create work.
  • Create maintenance plans and link with spare parts so that they can be auto linked at purchase.
  • Create a code for each work plan so that the system can select which plan will be done.
  • Allow to override maintenance time.
  • Link the maintenance plan for multi equipment or their operating locations.
  • Create work in batch or in individual for an equipment.
  • Integrate with RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance) to optimize maintenance.

Work Request

InforEAM provides the capability to generate work requests. The simple data input interface helps prevent from too many options to users. The number of the work can be generated automatically or manually. The requestor can input data with the most limited option and the observer can add more information if necessary.

Work Order Tracking

InforEAM provides the capability to track the work via the work order as this function is the center of any maintenance management system. Data is entered once and the system will allow to access at any time to any information about detailed plans including status of the work plan, human resources, spare parts, equipment, costs, related technical documents and failure analysis.

Facility/Equipment History

InforEAM allows to keep the maintenance history of the equipment including maintenance and repair plans from creation, addition, adjustment or recovery and other information during the work execution (Even work completed or rejected).

Inventory Control

InforEAM allows users to follow the spare part movement among different physical stores, e.g., which equipment is moved from/to which store or which location. The system also provides the capability to check and manage the existing stock level or specially ordered spare parts. Users can quickly check the information of the suppliers, the location or price of a spare part and the alternatives to replace an equipment..


InforEAM allows to generate a Purchase Request (PR) for any type of work and follow the movement as well as cost of that spare part. This capability allows maintenance managers to look at different perspectives which can affect their work plan or efficiency. Purchasing from a third-party system can cause deviations or errors, driving to inefficiency or unnecessary overstock. Related documents needed to be stored include catalogues from the suppliers, invoices, purchase orders, receiving notes or even RFQ (Request For Quotation).

Fleet Management

InforEAM can nowadays be used to manage their fleet in terms of maintenance history, miles, lease/hire contracts, exchange rate or payment.

KPIs - Key Performance Indicators

InforEAM allows to build any KPIs to evaluate the maintenance/repair efficiency of an enterprise. Different objects can be selected to be displayed for assessment of the objective completion.

Collaborated Reporting

InforEAM provides the capability to design and generate any collaborated reports in various formats like charts, tables, wording, etc or in specific need from users.


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