Project progress and cost management with Primavera

Project management which is related to planning, work, budget, progress and contract means the control. Projects are necessary to be quickly implemented to take advantages of business opportunities and low costs. In parallel, effective project planning can ensure the balance among progress, resources and cost.

What can Primavera do to enterprises?

Primavera is built specifically for portfolio, contract, project, resource and cost management to help the project be balanced among the above factors. Primavera helps users various benefits by using tools for portfolio analysis, progress control, cost forecast and linkage with project stakeholders.

The solution allows analysis and item progress planning, ensuring the porject objectives to be achieved by user friendly tools to manage the whole project from single to complicated projects.

Project progress assessment

Instead of new project planning from different sources, project managers and planners can depend on their best practices from similar or other archived projects.

Budget and cost management in accordance with progress is one of the typical features of the solution. Primavera allows managers to visualize the project insights in the balances of progress and cost. Based on this analysis, decisions can be given to optimize advantages.

Primavera is equiped and integrated with powerful reporting tools to meet users’ most complicated requirements. With standardized Gantt chart, PERT, resources, spreadsheets, users can easily exchange information from preparation to project completion.

Project analysis report

Primavera allows users to work on a single database to ensure updated, accurate and consistent information.


Who involves in project management?

  • Planners and Schedulers.
  • Project Management Office - PMO.
  • Administrators.
  • Resource Managers.
  • Project Managers.
  • Executives.
  • Project Participants.
  • Stakeholders.
  • Team Members.

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Project progress and cost management with Primavera

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