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Introduction of common maintenance types

Asset management and equipment maintenance are today critical in the digital transformation of plant operation. Each industry as in Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Energy, Food & Beverage, Transportation, Health Care, Pharmaceuticals, Construction, etc., has its own business processes. However, all the industries share maintenance types and material management functions.

ERP-integrated maintenance of plant equipment

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is an IT model for management of business activities, collection and storage of data to analyze and interpret enterprises’ existing resources. This is a set of tools for product planning, production cost, delivery, marketing, sales, warehousing, accounting, etc. ERP is considered a system for purposes of enterprise management.

Existing camera upgrade for better management in factories

At present, most factories have a total or independent security monitoring system (surveillance camera system, time attendance system, fire protection system, parking management system). After a long time of use, up to now, these systems need to be repaired, replaced or upgraded, which is an urgent requirement to better meet the needs of occupational safety and security management, thereby helping businesses Businesses optimize costs as well as more effectively prevent the risks of fire and explosion, theft of equipment assets, and especially the risk of spreading the Covid epidemic that may currently have a great impact on production activities.

BIM for construction management, urban development and infrastructure

BIM has undergone a long time of development and perfection. BIM is currently being considered as a mandatory environment in construction works in some European countries as well as neighboring countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, etc. BIM has been receiving much attention in Vietnam in recent years. recent years. So, what management problems does BIM solve in construction projects?

Forest change detection

Forestry is a broad field that encompasses the planting, conservation and management of forests in ways that benefit both people and the environment. TrueTech’s forest change monitoring management solution can help users review and assess “how the forest has changed” over time, identify the changing characteristics of the forest and related factors such as: soil, climate, hydrology and many other factors.

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