Why do factory safety and security need monitoring?

Ensuring labor safety

Occupational safety in the factory includes: electrical safety, safety against fire and explosion, equipment safety, safety of operation, safety of epidemic prevention (especially dangerous infectious diseases such as Covid-19 are spreading). raging).

In the factory, the risk of occupational safety is very high, which can stem from technical causes (machines or technological processes contain dangerous elements; equipment is designed not suitable for the operator. ; improper arrangement and installation of machinery and equipment, …) or organization of work (arrangement of shift shifts, layout of premises, protection regulations), or people (violation of safety regulations) , operating range, safe machine use procedures).

Avoid loss of assets and goods

Loss of assets and goods includes loss of factory assets, assets of factory officials and workers. In fact, the larger the factory scale, the higher the risk of assets and goods loss. Some of the reasons may include:

  • Loss of goods in the warehouse: due to errors in the import-export process, loading and unloading, loading goods, raw materials or fraudulent behavior of people in the factory.
  • Loss of assets and materials at the production site due to fraudulent behavior of workers.
  • Loss or damage to assets of the factory, officials and employees due to the intrusion of thieves or bad behavior of people in the factory.

TrueSecurity – Comprehensive solution for factory security and safety

Control access – entry, parking

Automatically open and close the gate / swing gate / barrie with contactless card technology to help control through the gate faster, avoid the risk of crowded people when entering / leaving the shift, minimizing the risk of infection spread of infectious diseases, especially Covid-19.

Using magnetic card technology, number plate recognition replaces paper parking vouchers to help speed up the process of entering and leaving the parking area, reducing the risk of vehicle and vehicle theft.

Automatic timekeeping

Inheriting the existing time attendance system or adding face authentication technology combined with a body-scanning camera to perform timekeeping, as a basis for calculating wages and bonuses, and at the same time specifically identifying employees with abnormal body temperatures to follow up, identify contacts, handle according to regulations on epidemic prevention.

Monitoring activities in the factory, outside the factory premises

The wide-angle camera system will generally monitor the working environment in the factory during working hours: workers’ activities, attitudes at work,…; after-hours safety check: turn off electrical equipment, turn off water, close windows, lock main doors, …; Retrieve information when there is a fraud or violation of safety.

Using a smart camera system to monitor 24/7 public areas, fenced areas, help detect intrusion of people and vehicles, eliminate false alarms caused by small animals, leaves, changes in light. shining. The system is integrated with speakers and lights and will automatically play speakers and shine an alarm light on the suspect to warn and prevent unauthorized entry.

Early warning of risks causing insecurity and factory safety

Fire detection and warning

Thermal imaging cameras will be installed in areas with a high risk of fire and explosion and establish a thermal threshold. If the heat level is higher than the set threshold, the system will alert the security force to check the cause, verify and increase the security to a higher level. The camera has built-in smart sensors that will help detect the risk of fire, explosion, electrical short, and send instant warnings to the monitoring center and security force.

Warning, prevent unauthorized intrusion

Decentralize access to the warehouse area, production area, specific office area to each individual (officers, employees, guests); combined with the time attendance system by facial authentication or magnetic card, fingerprint or password; swing gate system to prevent and warn of unauthorized entry./p>

Access information is stored and aggregated for each individual, each area over time, helping to track and look up the travel history, especially important in the situation where close supervision is required for the prevention of Covid – 19.

For unauthorized intrusions, intruders’ intrusion, the system will send an alert with pictures and location to the security force for handling.

Immediate handling in unsafe situations

In addition to sending warnings to security forces and functional forces, the system is also integrated with fire alarm systems, smart door systems, barries, swing gates, for initial handling according to available scenarios and Scenarios recorded during the processing (AI): spraying water at the location where the temperature rises above the threshold, closing the door to prevent smoke, closing the gate to prevent strangers from escaping, …

Upon receiving the alarm and performing visual verification from the relevant cameras as well as the information analyzed by the system, the licensee can remotely control the power on/off, door opening/closing, activation sprinkler system, … according to the system’s suggestion or your own decision.

With experience in implementing many solutions for manufacturing businesses, TrueSecurity believes that it will bring you many different experiences:

The factory area will be shown on a high-precision map, in 2D and 3D, making monitoring more intuitive. The location of the incident will be displayed on a map based on the location of the monitoring device, and at the same time suggest the shortest path, without obstacles so that the functional department can reach the scene quickly. , convenient.

Existing monitoring devices will be integrated and used to the maximum to save costs, some will be upgraded accordingly to increase monitoring efficiency.

The system is capable of integrating asset and equipment management systems; maintenance management; operational management; administrative and human resource management to form a digital transformation ecosystem for manufacturing enterprises.

TrueSecurity also provides emergency response services from the outside 24/7 for emergency situations such as: fire, theft, terrorism, medical emergency in case there is no one to handle it internally after a period of time. regulation.

Our team of experts are here to advise you on TrueSecurity products. With nearly 25 years of experience, we have the knowledge to help you build your vision.