Application of 4.0 technology in warehouse monitoring

Why is it necessary to monitor warehouses?

Prevention of losses

Losses are popular in business due to various reasons. The larger the size is, the more losses there are. Some causes may include:

  • Losses in warehouses: 34% due to errors in processes with suppliers, inventory, issue/receive and showroom;
  • Losses in sales: 28% due to fraudulences;
  • Losses from illegal intrusions: 38%.

Prevention of ignition

According to the statistics of the first 9 months of 2020, there are 2,530 fires in households or vehicles, resulting in 107 deaths, loss of 416 billion VND. 15.29% of the cases are in warehouses, business units and production factories.


With smart sensor and surveillance upgraded fire fighting systems, ignition risks can be early detected and warned to authorities to help better prevention of incidents.

Reduction in human demand, improvement in warehouse management

With the latest surveillance technology, comprehensive surveillance can be enabled with minimum human resources required. Moreover, the camera system can work 24/7.

4.0 technologies applied for warehouse management

Early detection prevents losses

In fire cases, early detection is the decisive factor to minimize losses. Early detected fires or ignitions help to control the incidents with no losses of assets and lives.i.

High temperature alarm technology

Temperature cameras watch the whole defined areas. An expected threshold is defined. Warnings will be sent to the authorities if the threshold is reached, helping prevention of fires.

Smart sensor integrated cameras

Advanced alarm technology is not just limited to provide live views of the factory but integrated with smart sensors on a single system. Any ignition, illegal intrusion or safety incidents are warned to the central control room.

Additionally, TrueSecurity can pass warnings to the authorities via smart phones so that instant actions can be given to prevent losses of assets and lives.


By applying high technologies in warehouse management especially critical, ignitable or high value areas, ignition, losses and human remote monitoring will bring benefits to enterprises. The system will help to support business development and make managers feel secured about warehouse safety where all treasures of the enterprise are stored.


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