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Truetech to do training of surveillance system for Go Vap police

In order to ensure the operation, management and operation of the information system, command and monitor security cameras in the ward and Go Vap district. The Go Vap District People’s Committee has coordinated with Truetech Company to organize a training session for key officers in charge of managing and operating the command and control system for security cameras.

FaceID for time attendance systems

The requirement to keep distance and limit contact in the factory (5K message) is mandatory to limit the risk of disease spread and ensure production operations. One of the locations that are often crowded with people, with a high risk of disease spread in the factory, is at timekeeping devices (swipe card/use fingerprint). To completely solve this problem, the True Security solution proposes to use face recognition technology (Face ID) for the automatic time attendance system.

Maintenance solution to manufacturing

Despite operating under strict regulations, manufacturing plants are always under pressure to produce the highest quality products at the most competitive prices, thus maintaining a high level of production. most optimal. Therefore, the maintenance and repair team of the factory needs to ensure the stable and efficient operation of the production line.

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