Hexagon applications in agriculture monitoring


  • Improve quality, efficiency and gains in agricultural activities.  
  • Use remote sensing technologies and high-resolution image processing to analyze soil and tree health.
  • Schedule farming plans.
  • Apply remote sensing and machine learning technologies to calculate plant density and soil coverage.

Main features

Monitoring invasion from other species: Based on information history of other species invasion, plant density and the spatial status of invasive species, the analysis tool of ERDAS IMAGINE (classification, analysis of vegetation, seasonal signs for each type of vegetation) is used to clearly identify vulnerable areas on the map.

Classification and calculation of soil cultivable capacity: From the remote sensing image data source combined with the analysis and image processing capabilities, and the automatic NDVI calculation of ERDAS IMAGINE, this solution will give in-depth analysis, which helps managers, businesses and farmers to make accurate decisions on arable land.

Information interaction and connection: This solution is a combination between seedlings suppliers, plant technical consultants, fertilizer and plant protection drug companies and cooperatives. With the ERDAS APOLLO, farmers are allowed to quickly access the information related to crops, diseases, fertilizers and pesticides.

Building an epidemic control and management system: By using visual mapping tools and web-based analytics which are friendly to mobile devices and integrated with other management systems, the solution helps to analyze and find the areas at risk of being affected by the disease, thereby finding solutions to prevent the disease from spreading to the surrounding area.

Flood mapping: Flood maps and flood potential maps with image analysis and processing combined with the analysis of elevation models (regional topography) according to different scenarios of forecasted rainfall are built.


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