Digital twin for plant lifecycle digital transformation

Companies in the manufacturing and process industries are at various stages of maturity in their digital transformation. Hexagon understands this and is providing Digital Twin solutions for all digital maturity stages across the asset lifecycle.  

As said above, plant lifecycle digital transformation can be started at a stage where digital maturity can be reached from companies. These stages normally include:

  • Stage 1 starts with a basic set of structured data and documents defining the facility configuration, designed by engineering teams in the Project Twin. For companies near the beginning of their digital transformation roadmap, this is an excellent start, empowering better decision making from more intelligent data and improving engineering-to-operations handover processes.
  • Stage 2 of connecting this intelligent data to 2D schematics, 3D models or laser scans allows for more intuitive viewing and navigation and begins to unlock the benefits of weaving engineering, operations and maintenance information in an Operational Twin.
  • Stage 3 further enhances the Operational Twin with increased interoperability by exchanging information and providing links to other information sources in the operations landscape, such as asset performance, data historian, maintenance management and real-time data solutions.
  • Stage 4 is where the major digital transformation business benefits will be realized, as the asset owners and operators can leverage a Digital Twin to manage value added work processes, such as human procedures, inspections, integrated safe systems of work and management of change. This ongoing stage of value addition can also include advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive and prescriptive analytics to reduce downtime.

When a comprehensive Digital Twin is deployed, the associated data needs to be efficiently dissected to understand it and to also transform this into actionable
information. To help achieve this, the Hexagon Situational Awareness solution allows personnel to clearly see what’s happened, what’s happening, what could happen,
what should happen and what’s scheduled to happen in a high-level operational dashboard that includes all the visual elements of a Digital Twin.



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