Directing and routing solution to oversized and overweight vehicles

General introduction

Oversized and overweight vehicles operation and management often face challenges for drivers, infrastructure and other vehicles. However, due to the increase in traffic and freight charges, limited budget and other threats such as weather, limited and allowable load of the bridge, transport operation is challenged.

SafeHaul solution by Hexagon helps users plan routes and prioritize safety, ensuring fast and efficient incident response, enhancing safety and minimizing traffic disruptions.

Advantages of the solution

  • Faster and more accurately manage the licensing process;
  • Automatically calculate the safest route;
  • Manage real-time restrictions and integrate with existing data sources such as road accidents, lane restrictions, construction and maintenance areas, and bridge limitations.

Outstanding functions of the solution

Hexagon's SafeHaul offers maximum flexibility. Modules are optimized to fit users’ requirements. SafeHaul components include:

License Management - Request permits, create secure routes, and automatically receive PDF permits on screen and emails via mobile device-friendly web browsers..

Planning and Routing Tool - Easily create secure routes for permission requests with a mobile-friendly browser-based application.

Restricted Parameters Manager - Quickly, easily and fully enter and manage road and bridge restrictions.

System Administration – Allow settings of configuration, security, user permissions, usage monitoring, report and system log generation.

Business Intelligence & Reports - Provide business intelligence and critical reports to analyze or integrate data with other systems.

Mobility - The functional components of the SafeHaul solution are available for download in the Apple and Android online stores. Drivers can visualize routing, track their relative location, and receive detour alerts if the vehicle leaves an approved route.


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