Benefits of smart cameras for security of factory


Conventional security measures depend much on human efforts whereas application of high technology is still limited, resulting in difficulties in ensuring security in factories.

Need for large number of security personnel at the factory gate

Large quantity of vehicles at the gate before and after shifts requires a large number of security personnel. Cards combined with license plate cameras are recently used at the gate or parking places. However, these systems are manual and not integrated with barriers when requiring one personnel at each lane in 24/7 to check image data or cards before opening the barrier. This is more modern than the conventional way but still not appropriate with the large quantity of vehicles in factories. Jams to wait for turns and close contacts with card checkers may result in Covid outbreak in these factories.

Jams at the factory gate

Ignition risks

Explosions in the factory occur due to unfound possible risks may result in fires. Especially, there are reasons which human watch can hardly find possibilities like overheated machines. Application of technologies in prevention of ignition risks is a good measure for early detection and response actions.

Large quantity of security personnel in outer and public areas of factory

Security in inner and outer areas of the factory is necessary to prevent losses and disorder from illegal intrusions. 24/7 security watches are needed in wide areas of the factory, resulting in high costs. However, it is still impossible to ensure that this way has no errors, especially in rush hours or at night when intruders focus their actions.

To resolve these issues, TrueTech proposes “Smart cameras for security of factory” solution named TrueSecurity to help improve security quality and reduce costs.

Smart cameras for security of factory

Mô hình hệ thống giám sát an ninh trật tự tại Nhà máy

Watches at main gate and parking place

Non-stop access control with cameras specialized in vehicle license plates is used. When a vehicle comes, the system automatically identifies the license plate to decide whether it is allowed to enter. If it is allowed, the barrier will be automatically opened. If it is not, registration via mobile applications or physical communications is required. All the information is stored centrally for later possible incident resolutions.

This method helps to increase trafficking at gates, decrease jams and minimize on-site security personnel.

Cameras to identify license plates at main gate

At the entry of the parking place, only card sliding is required. The system will check the verification of the card and ANPR cameras will identify the license plates to connect with that card.

At the exit of the parking place, card sliding is required and ANPR cameras will identify the license plates. The system will automatically check the card code and license plate to ensure that one vehicle enters and exits.

The advantages of the system include:

  • Dual verification at the exit to prevent losses;
  • Accurate license plate identification of < 5 seconds;
  • Images captured as evidence and quick search by license plates.
System for motorbike parks

Watches of secured areas

Warehouses and machine rooms are always highly secured and require top security. Much effort and cost are spent on watching these limited areas. To resolve these issues, temperature cameras can help to detect whether temperature is suddenly high in warehouses or machine rooms. The combination of cameras and alarms help security personnel to check causes and move security to the next level. This will better prevent disasters of fires.

Fence watches

To ensure security in a wide area, often watches with large numbers of human resources are needed, resulting in high costs but unsured frequency of 24/7.

Normal cameras may be installed along the fences of the factory but they may not be smart enough to automatically detect and alarm illegal intrusions. Our TrueSecurity is a complimentary solution to the existing CCTV system. AI integrated cameras help to detect vehicle or human intrusions so fake alarms are minimized. Speakers and flares will be automatically directed to the intruder.

Additionally, after verification of alerts, all the information will be directed to authorized personnel via smart phones so that actions can be decided on time to reduce disasters.


With smart TrueSecurity, losses or ignition risks can be minimized or even completely prevented. With security companies, the system can help to improve their service quality and on-time responses to quickly react with incidents inside the factory as well as reduce human costs.


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