EDMS in management of design and operartion documents of power plants

Conventional document management

What will you face if you do not have an EDMS?

In power plants with complicated processes and large size of documents, document control is important to ensure no outdated versions of a document is used and only the final approved version of the document is circulated.

Old and inaccurate versions can cause misunderstanding and effects on design, construction and operation in terms of work performance and cost. These issues can lead to disastrous outcomes. To avoid, DCs (Document Controller) are assigned to check and classify documents into correct uses. However, it can overload DCs’ capacity when the document volume increases.

Document management is important but how can we optimize management, reduce errors and allocate efforts in project performance and progress assurance?

EDMS is developed to create, manage, follow and store technical, correspondence and project documents. Different versions of a document are followed in accordance with changes by authorized personnel in a pre-defined workflow. Data generated and managed in workflows is used to form an enterprise digitalized document management platform so that it can be exported for other helpful purposes.

System application is the way to escape from paperwork which consumes much space and time. It is also a kick-off for the digital transformation which can help enterprises to seek automation in business management.

Benefits of EDMS

Why should we use EDMS?
  • Time saving: The system supports users to quickly and effectively complete repeated activities by resolving a series of tasks from data receiving storage and distribution. Users have more time for other important tasks of the project.
  • Easy management and accessibility: The system supports the tree structure or document types to store all and latest versions of the document. Designed for multi platform purposes, users can work on the system with different devices.
  • Security: Security is the biggest concern of any enterprise. The system can ensure the highest secured level for enterprises. With security rules, all the documents are secured without doubts of loss or intrusion.
  • Visualized progress reports: Reports can be generated to manage project progress, document completion status and other reports as required.
  • Process standardization and work performance improvement: The system can help to easily manage records and documents. Paperwork burdens will be removed to put more efforts on enterprise organization and management capabilities, improving total efficiency.

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