VisualSoft is developed for offshore survey and observation. VisualSoft provides digital video equipment for offshore survey. It has been considered the leading solution provider in the area.

Key Functions

Collect video data from the cameras of ROV equipment.

Review data collected from VisualDVR.

View and edit data collected from VisualDVR. This module allows users to create automatic reports from surveyed data.

Manage, sort and search data collected from ROV and support recording of this data onto other common storage devices.

Read and write data from the sensors of ROV.

Edit data collected from VisualProfiler and create final data/reports.

Mark and manage focused points on the pipelines.

Create chart reports and generate AutoCAD drawings.

Display on GIS.

VisualSoft is the software to record, store, view and report about ROV videos, working on MS Windows-based computers. The software is developed specifically for the offshore industry to record images using S-VHS method.