SpoolGen is a proven, industrial-strength
application that enables the creation of piping isometric drawings for fabrication and erection. From the Isometric design created during the detail engineering phase of projects, you can add additional information – such as the location of field welds – and create new drawings and reports from the same source as the original drawings. Spoolgen is built on Isogen®, the industry standard software for automated piping isometric generation that has been deployed successfully on all sizes of plant engineering projects in every region of the world.

Key Differentiators

Eliminate Errors and Rework Through Data Consistency

Add Fabrication and Erection Information to Isometrics

Integrate with all Leading Plant Design Systems

Visualize Piping Data in 3D

Interface Piping Data

Delivers drawing output files in AutoCAD, MicroStation, or
SmartSketch® format

Key Functions

Enable the addition of fabrication and erection information to piping isometrics from plant design systems

Generate all necessary isometric drawings and material reports automatically

Define pipe spools by the addition of field weld positions onscreen

Enable the importing of piping data from leading plant design systems such as Smart 3D, PDS, CADWorx, PDMS

Support industry-standard drawing sizes that conform to ANSI, “A” series, or your custom size

Automatically incorporate local changes when new isometrics are issued by the client

Maintain consistent weld and pipe spool numbering

Generate spool/isometrics drawing

Add new welds, edit existing welds or deteting a weld

Define types of weld: Weld workshop, weld offshore, weld site, Weld field fit , Tack welds, Test Weld, Special site weld, Automatic weld, Support weld

Place a couplings on pipe

Add additional material to piping component

Place bolts, wall penetration, floor penetration

Place detail Sketches in isometric drawings

Export weldmap drawings for site erection

Export drawings of each pipe spool for fabrication

Export fabrication BOM (Bill of material)

Export erection BOM (Bill of material)

Generate cut list drawing with both Fab & Erec Bom list

Export “Final-Cut-List” drawings

Export “Final-Erection” drawings

Export “Final-Weld-Box” drawings

Export “Spool” drawings

Export “Flat-Spool” drawings

Fast and accurate spool and erection isomestrics