As construction is completed, facilities are started up in a specified sequence to bring dependent systems online. The coordination of the construction completion and start-up sequence is managed by handing over functional systems as they are completed. This sequential process of transition is called Systems Completion. SPCompletion is built to leverage engineering design information developed during the project in order to provide a trustworthy source of information to support completions.

Key Differentiators

Reuse of the evolving engineering design basis to ensure accurate data.

Workflow and date stamping with effectivity date show who is responsible for changes in the database and when changes were made, including decision points.

Automated allocation of check sheets.

2D/3D visualization enhanced reporting.

Electronic dossiers reduce the amount of paper produced on the project and provide a platform for a true “paperless handover”.

Mobile solutions that enable users to take their work with them electronically and record their findings, including drawing markups.

Key Functions

Planning and Preparation can begin as early as Pre-Front End Engineering and Design (FEED).

Mechanical Completion.

Static Commissioning.

Check Sheets.

Punch Lists.

Certificates and Hand-over.

Pre Start-up Safety Review.

Dynamic Commissioning.


SPCompletion addresses the real causes of project delays in a way that no other software can. It supports all areas that experts have identified as ways to improve mechanical completions and commissioning.