SmartPlant Instrumentation (SPI) is specialized in detailed design and management of instrumentation. SPI pays for itself by providing information quickly and accurately, since there is a single source for the data, eliminating the need to search for information in multiple locations. The single database also enables revision and creates audit trails.

SPI has features that can exchange data with SmartPlant Electrical. This provides an efficient way to engineers in their interelated work.

Basic Engineering

Create, modify, and maintain a comprehensive database that contains all your instrumentation data

Design instrument loop –
Loop Drawing module
allows SPI to create loop

Design process data and

Calculate sizing of Control valves, Flow Orifice Plate, Flow Nozzle, Veturi tubes, Votex Flowmeter, Annubars meter, Rotameter, and Pressure safety valve

Create Instrument Specification Datasheets

Create Single item/multiple items

Detailed Engineering

Create a comprehensive and detailed wiring design of a plant

Design Panels, Cables and connections

Automatically create Instrument Loop Diagram

Create Installation Details and Hook-Up Drawings

Create material lists in Hook up and MTO reports

Export drawings into AutoCAD formats with limited editing efforts

All deliverables link with a report and an intelligent database to have better control of all information