Projects continue to grow and the pressure increases to deliver them on time, on budget, to specification … but with fewer resources. Fight this with digital transformation by using HxGN SDx® Projects (part of HxGN SDx) – a collaborative environment where the client, contractors and other stakeholders can easily and securely exchange information, monitor progress and track their obligations.

Key Differentiators

Get faster feedback

Reduce project risk

Eliminate hand-over

Improve visibility

Digitalize your data

Improve access to engineering information at a lower service cost and faster deployment

Key Functions

Single Source: Strong, configurable security model allows multiple organizations to work together on the same data source.

Submittals: Handle the transfer of the information from an untrusted location to a secure location, validate the content and load it into the database.

Tag and Document Management: Keep your tags and documents under control and aligned with standards.

Quality Assurance Review: Separate workflow alerts specialists and allows internal review before issuing final comments back to the contractors.

Transmittal: Provide a consistent, auditable process for sharing content among organizations, clearly defining the specifics of the information being sent.

Accessible: Work easily with global contractors and experts on the same platform.

“Eliminate costs, delays, and claims associated with tardy reviews and
responses to technical queries”