Prism G2 is a comprehensive and specific solution to management of budgets, effective use of costs and maximum reduction of risks in capital projects. By dividing, following and managing costs in the periods of project estimating, budgeting, engineering, procurement and construction, this information functions as the base to ensure the transparency and consistency of costs in all the project phases. This is the optimum method for budget control during project execution and has been successfully applied in global enterprises.

Key Differentiators

Connection with project cost estimating software

Connection with project progress and cost management software

Set-up of enterprise budgeting plans

Connection with technical design software

Procurement management

Contract management

Key Functions

Receive project estimating data to et up control accounts.

Set up time phase budgets.

Update contract commitments.

Update actual costs.

Follow cost trending.

Input the scope and changes of the project.

Update enigneering, procurement and construction progress.

Generate reports of earned values.

Calculate variances.

Generate reports of cost and progress.

Close reporting periods.

Integrate smoothly with third-party applications.

Today, capital projects are increasing in size and scope as well as being managed under additional scrutiny. Without comprehensive earned value, troubled projects can spiral out of control before
anyone even recognizes a problem exists.