When it comes to dynamic analysis software in floating and offshore system design, no other package comes close to the power, performance and capability of Orcaflex.
Proven time and time again in a myriad of applications, Orcaflex can transform the way you undertake analysis and design, giving you the speed, accuracy and ease of use that will make the whole process more simple and straightforward than ever before.
So whether you’re concerned with research, analysis or engineering, whether your work involves oil & gas, wet renewables, oceanographic, seismic, defence or aquaculture, with Orcaflex, you’ll have the most powerful, flexible and responsive software at your command. And a uniquely wide range of benefits that will make a real difference to your business right from day one.

Key Functions

Line object modelling

Vessel object modellingu

Buoy object modelling

Shapes, winches and links object modelling

Sea description

Seabed description

Waves definition and description

Current definition and description

Wind definition and description

Time history data import for vessel motions, wave elevation, wind speed and directions.

Automation for model building

Fatigue analysis

Shear7 interface

VIVA interface

Wake oscillator models

Vortex tracking model

Finite element with 6 DoF at each node

Full 3D, non-linear, time domain modelling

Orcaflex is at the very heart of analysis and design for offshore marine systems.