NozzlePRO is straight-forward and easy to use. Interactive window displays provide graphical input instructions, taking the guesswork out of geometry design. The software quickly plots your model for visual verification.

Key Functions

Moving Beyond WRC & Zick: Finite element technology moves beyond the limitations of WRC107, WR297 and Zick to allow engineers to design safer equipment more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Making FEA Work for You: NozzlePRO generates graphical and tabular results that clearly represent your system. The graphics can be viewed with DirectX and vividly display the results of pressure, moments, temperature and loads.

Nozzles, Saddles, Pipe Shoes & Clips: NozzlePRO is designed to quickly and easily evaluate nozzles, saddles, pipe shoes and clips. A variety of head types are allowed including spherical, elliptical, ASME, dished, cylindrical and conical.

Axisymmetric and Brick Models: NozzlePRO offers optional axisymmetric and brick modeling capability for select geometries. This functionality was added to permit a more accurate analysis of cyclic pressure stresses in thick-walled intersections.

Piping Elements: NozzlePRO permits the user any NozzlePRO piping junction to evaluate the effect of the thermal expansion on the nozzle. This capability results in a much more accurate evaluation of loads and displacements of nozzle. Straight sections, elbows, bends, intersections, etc., may be included in the analysis.

When you need to use, NozzlePro is available to resolve your FEAs.