LuciadFusion lets you manage your data intelligently, store and process a multitude of data formats, and feed data to numerous applications, putting the power of your data at your fingertips. Features including powerful automatic cataloging and quick and easy data publishing allow you to design, portray, process, and set up advanced maps in a few simple clicks.

Why You Should Choose LuciadFusion
➔ Quickly publish large amounts of geospatial data in OGC standard formats with just a few clicks
➔ Eliminate publication delays, even when receiving new images every hour
➔ Share ECDIS maritime data without hassle using OGC Services
➔ Visualize weather data with temporal information and quickly browse changing weather conditions through time
➔ Display critical elevation data in high-resolution 3D
➔ Share multi-gigabyte shapefiles as WMS without rasterizing them before publishing
➔ Bring line of sight calculations to a web-based application


Connect to More Than 200 Data Sources

Connect directly to hundreds of data formats. LuciadFusion lets you organize your data so that all users have one-click access to a dataset specifically optimized for their needs.

Centralized Geospatial Data Management

Manage and distribute data so users can access it quickly and efficiently. LuciadFusion automatically configures feature data with detailed filtering and styling information.

Get an Alternative View of Terrain Data

Gain detailed insight into the features of terrain. LuciadFusion’s analysis engine is capable of processing data to evaluate elevation and calculate line of sight coverage.

Ready-to-Use Server Solution

Set up a common operating picture right out of the box. LuciadFusion installs quickly, is deployable on any platform, and receives regular updates for optimum performance.

Manage Data Dynamically

Add custom formats, styling, and analytics to your data. LuciadFusion is built for users, so you can work your way while relying on full OGC Open Standards support.

Case Studies

Integrytis Visualises the Impact of Pollution on Public Health

After France experienced an unusually high peak of air pollution due to cold weather and windless conditions, Integrytis, a French data intelligence company, built a tool to visualize the impact of air pollution on public health in real time using a map. By correlating data on respiratory diseases from their customer, a French Mutual health company, with data from over 400,000 sensors providing data including air quality, weather, and wind patterns, the company can see the true impact of atmospheric pollution on respiratory diseases over time, in real time and for every region in France. In addition, citizens and health organizations can easily see on a map the impact of specific health issues across their country.

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Lufthansa Systems Flight Planning Software Relies on Luciad Data Visualization

Airlines must deal with a variety of rapidly-changing conditions such as storms, volcanic ash threats, and back-ups at airports that cause expensive flight diversions. With Lido/Flight WINDS decision-support system, Lufthansa Systems supplies dispatchers with alerts and detailed information about potential impediments in active and planned flight paths and dispatchers can notify pilots in real time. The dynamic integration of aeronautical data provides command centers and flight crews with superior route optimization and situational awareness.

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