Many industrial sites across the world still rely on paper, MS Office like MS Word, MS Excel and other scattered data collection methods to manage safety-critical human business processes and procedures like shift handover, J5 Operations Management Solutions have been specifically designed to help the manufacturing and process industries eradicate these unnecessary risks with one easy-to-configure digital platform.

Key Differentiators

J5 Operation Logbook helps the operation team to easily record, manage and view any event in a consistent and efficient way, with both web browsers and mobile devices.

J5 Work Instructions allows the operations teams the ability to plan, record, manage, view and
complete any task consistently and efficiently with a usual web browser and mobile devices.

J5 Standing Orders allows or the distribution of operational orders on a digital platform, with an
audit trail of who has received and acknowledged them.

J5 Shift Handover improves shift-to-shift communication and reduces effectively the risk of hazardous incidents or meeting shift handover recommendations from a range of industry and government agencies.

J5 Product Movements builtin application allows users to track the transfers and volumes of industrial fluids, providing an enterprise-wide platform for this routine process. It handles the range of the possible transfer measurement types, the level measurements, flow totalizer.

J5 Mobility allows personnel to collect the measurements or
observations in the field with industry-standardized mobile devices. J5 Mobility can be used
to record manual data that is missing from industrial software like Data Historians.

“More than 40% of plant incidents occur due to information errors during shift handovers”

Source: US National Petrochemical and Refiners Association