Department of Urban Traffic Management No.1

Design and implementation of integrated control system in GIS under “Upgrading and expanding Nguyen Hue road (from Le Loi street to Bach Dang park) project, District 1 – HCMC”, 2014 -2015 ,

2014 -2015

Collecting and building traffic signage database of Vietnam road system


MK Survey Sdn Bhd

Survey, data collection and processing using LiDAR technology for the elaboration of detailed terrain data for Lembah Klang and Kuantan provinces, Malaysia, 2014


Vietsopetro – Marine Petroleum Research & Historical Institute

Survey, design and configuration of historical information management system of pipelines for oil and gas exploitation and thematic reports


VMS Mobile Information Company

Construction and implementation of maintenance management system in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Can Tho and Dong Nai


Thu Thiem Tunnel Management Center in Ho Chi Minh City

Construction of traffic management data for the East-West Highway (Thu Thiem Tunnel Management Center) and Ho Chi Minh City based on LiDAR and Earthmine technology

2013 – 2014

HCM GIS Application Center (HCM Department of Science and Technology)

Applying LiDAR technology to build 3D model for urban management in HCMC, Ho Chi Minh City


Asian Development Bank

Irrigation system in North of the Chu River and South of the Ma River, Vietnam

2010 – 2011

Aerial Topo-photography Survey (APT)

Applying LiDAR solution in developing topographic maps for cities in Vietnam: Phase 2 – Southern cities

2010 – 2011

MK Survey (MKS)

Applying LiDAR technology in topographic mapping for the Timah Tasoh reservoir area, Malaysia


HCMC Telecommunications Service Company

Implement the HCM data integration and maintenance system into TFMS of HCMC Telecom

2009 – 2011

Center for managing and operating public passenger transport

Real-time monitoring, operating and managing the public traffic by using GIS technology


Aerial Topo-photography Survey (APT)

Application of LiDAR solution to develop topographic maps for cities in Vietnam: Phase 1 – Northern cities

2008 – 2010

HCMC Department of Science and Technology

Implementation of GIS technology in management and planning of rehabilitation, upgrading and construction of traffic infrastructure, District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City

2008 – 2009

HCM Land Administration/JICA

GM-LandReg Project (Phase 2)

2006 – 2007

Southern Inland Waterways, World Bank

Survey, design and construction of the River Management Information System (RMIS)

2005 – 2006


Providing base maps for comprehensive urban development programs in Hanoi


HCM Post and Telecommunications Services Company

GIS & GCOMMS Project Implementation

2004 – 2008

Traffic Project Management Broad

Project on enhancing the Management Capacity of Hanoi Transportation

2002 – 2003