PLAN Electric P8 is a consistent, integrated and fast engineering system for you to plan and design the electrical engineering for machines and plant systems. The software supports a wide variety of engineering methods: from manual creation through to standardized and template-based approaches. The project data, once entered into the schematic, become the foundation for the automated completion of machine and plant system documentation. In short, EPLAN Electric P8 offers you much more than “just” drawing schematics and circuit diagrams.

EPLAN Electric P8 is a CAE (Computer-Aid Engineering) software. It provides many intelligent features: cross-reference, macro & place holder technology, auto-connecting, automatic reports, API, etc.

Main Features

Main Features

EPLAN Electric P8 will enhance your efficiency & speed in designing schematic drawings. Many benefit you may gain: faster engineering process, optimized product quality, consistent high-quality documentation and significantly reduced cost

Data Portal

The EPLAN Data Portal is a global web service for high quality device data. Numerous leading component manufacturers provide online access to commercial, technical, process-oriented and corresponding graphics data in standardized EPLAN format. With direct access from the EPLAN Platform, the designer can access an ever-increasing pool of qualified parts data online. This largely puts an end to the time-consuming process of producing parts data manually, reducing configuration time at the same time as increasing the quality of machine and plant documentation

Cabinet Layout

Both 2D & 3D panel layout design are here in EPLAN for you. All parts or devices are cross-referenced with schematic drawings to save you time.

Automatic Reporting

All reports are automatically done in EPLAN, you don’t have to take much time creating it manually. EPLAN provides a wide range of templates that you can use: BOM, Part list, Cable schedule, etc. You can, of course, customize your own templates. Many formats are supported: pdf, excel, MS word, CAD, etc.

PLC Design

You can design PLC Input/Output, control circuit, interface with PLC from many maker: Siemens, ABB, Rockwell, etc. EPLAN Electric P8 make it easier for interfacing & controlling the field instruments.

Review, Comment & Change

EPLAN Electric P8 strongly supports users in drawings & documents checking, changes controlling, update (new revisions). You can easily import the comments (from pdf files) into the EPLAN environment for further update.

EPLAN Electric P8 – Many Approaches to the Design Process

You can start your design from the graphical overviews of plant or machinery, drawing circuit diagrams or recording project information in the database separately from the graphics. EPLAN ensures thorough-going consistency in the project data whatever your working approaches

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