Infor is a leading solution company in the field of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) with HxGN EAM software.

HxGN EAM’s solution is widely used in many fields. More than 60% of the 500 largest US companies use HxGN EAM’s asset management and equipment maintenance solutions. In addition, the product is also widely used in the world in the industries of petroleum, petrochemical, energy, telecommunications, aviation, industrial plants (cement, pharmaceutical, beverage), transportation. , public property management, healthcare…

HxGN EAM has become one of the solutions under Hexagon PPM – Hexagon, the commercial identity of the software has also been changed.

Software function

This is a module that provides system administration functions such as user administration and security. This module provides all the features that help with system administration. Includes functions such as:

This module allows us to create, manage, and track the list of devices and detailed information of each device, the list of spare parts that come with the device. Includes functions:

Set up and manage jobs related to equipment and assets, including predictive maintenance management and corrective management. The function allows management of workflow such as: human resources, materials, tooth, spare parts…

Organized into inventory management of supplies and spare parts, especially in case these devices are in different locations. This module works in conjunction with the asset and work management module to simplify the process of stocking and allocating equipment. Through this module, InforEAM allows you to manage inventory information online, which can reduce inventory or excess. Includes functions

Linking to inventory and maintenance numbers allows you to track items on a stock basis to plan your purchases.

Allows automatic budgeting, management, control and analysis of maintenance related costs

That allow us to execute optimal maintenance programs in the future while still based on actual production goals and available resources.

Achievements of HxGN EAM

3rd largest

Enterprise software solution company

3 billion dollars

Software revenue


Global customers


Country and Territory




Product in action

100 billion dollars

Transactions on the Cloud


Providers in the Cloud


Customers on Cloud


Banking on the Cloud

Customers use the product

Domestic customers


Public service

Fleet, vehicle



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