Engineering Solutions

3D Design and Visualization

PDS® is a comprehensive, intelligent computer-aided design/engineering (CAD/CAE) application for 3D plant design, construction, and operations.

Intergraph Smart® 3D is a completed solution for 3D Plant Design, applied not only for design phase but also for all project life-cycle, provides a competitive edge to EPCs and owner operators alike. With Smart3D, customer need only single solution for various type of projects include: mining, power plant, refinery plant, offshore platform, ship building..

SmartPlant® Review is the complete visualization environment for interactively reviewing and analyzing large, complex 3D models of process, mining, ship building and power plants.

SmartPlant® P&ID helps you develop and manage your P&IDs with a focus on the plant asset rather than the document representation. It exercises rules and connectivity checks to speed the entire engineering process, helping you save money without compromising design quality or integrity. SmartPlant P&ID also facilitates faster project startup because several engineering standards are included with the software.

SmartPlant® Instrumentation offers a single engineering environment to create and manage instrumentation data, as well as create and manage change consistently across required deliverables.

SmartPlant Electrical is a complete solution to design and maintain a safe, reliable power distribution system from load identification to plant startup. Fast-track project execution for engineering companies and lower operational risk for plant owners are keys to business success, and Intergraph can help you achieve these goals. Intergraph SmartPlant Electrical is a task-specific, rule-driven, and data-centric solution that helps you gain a competitive edge in the industry.

CadWorx E&I is a complete solution for detail Electrical & Instrumentation design and engineering. The software provides powerful graphics engine, multiple global catalogs, cross referencing and drawing navigation, multilanguage outputs,etc. Many deliverables provided, including: Instrument loop & circuit design, signal & logic diagram, single phase & three-phase schematics, cabinet layout, PLC design, etc.

CADWorx® Plant Design Suite is an integrated, complete AutoCAD®- and BricsCAD®-based software series for plant design that provides intelligent drawing and database connectivity, advanced levels of automation, and easy-to-use drafting tools.

PON CAD® is a 3D Scaffolding Design Software BIM developed to help Designers, Renters and Producers of small and big structures.


CAESAR II is a complete solution for quick and accurate analysis of piping systems subjected to a wide variety of loads, taking into account weight, pressure, thermal, seismic, and other static and dynamic conditions, based on user-defi ned variables and accepted industry guidelines.

PV Elite provides engineers, designers, estimators, fabricators, and inspectors with solutions that match their pressure vessel and heat exchanger design needs. Because the software is user-friendly, it is perfect for both regular and occasional users requiring fast startup and confi dence in their safety code calculations.

TANK is a comprehensive program for the design, analysis, and evaluation of welded steel oil storage tanks according to American Petroleum Institute (API) Standards 650 and 653. Owners, operators and engineering firms can benefit from quick and accurate designs for new tank construction and evaluation of existing tanks.

Piping Fabrication and Installation Design

SmartPlant Isometric is a pipe-sketching application for the as-built piping isometric drawing

SmartPlant® Spoolgen® is a proven, industrial-strength application that enables the creation of piping isometric drawings for fabrication and erection from the design created during the detail engineering phase of projects.

Construction Engineering

3D Lift Plan is a lift planning and crane selection application. You provide the weight and dimensions of the object you are lifting and the location and size of any obstructions on the jobsite. 3D Lift Plan will search the load charts for all your cranes to find the most economical crane configurations for the lift.

GRLWEAP predicts driving stresses, hammer performance and the relation between pile bearing capacity and net set per blow. In addition, it estimates the total driving time. This pile simulation and analysis allows the user to investigate which hammer is likely to be sufficient and economic for a certain pile and soil condition prior to mobilizing the hammer to the job.

Offshore Structure & Pipeline Engineering

SACS is an integrated finite element structural analysis package of applications that uniquely provides for the design of offshore structures, including oil and gas platforms, wind farms, and topsides of FPSOs and floating platforms. SACS software has been used by offshore engineers around the world for nearly 40 years. Many of the world’s energy companies specify SACS software for use by their engineering firms across the lifecycle of offshore platforms.

MOSES is integrated simulation software. Apply industry best practices for installation and design sequences, and explore design alternatives with the efficiency and flexibility of a unified modeling environment. Simulate complete system response with advanced, integrated solvers for hydrostatic, hydrodynamic, mooring, and structural behavior.

OFFPIPE is a sophisticated, finite element method based computer program. It has been developed specifically for the modeling and structural analysis of nonlinear problems encountered in the installation and operation of offshore pipelines.

OrcaFlex is the world’s leading package for the dynamic analysis of offshore marine systems, renowned for its breadth of technical capability and user friendliness.

Electrical Engineering & Design Solution

EPLAN Electric P8 is an electrical engineering design software program that offers unlimited possibilities for project planning, documentation, and management of automation projects. The automatic production of detailed reports based on wiring diagrams is an integral part of a comprehensive documentation system and provides subsequent phases of the project, such as production, assembly, commissioning and service with the data required. Engineering data from other project areas, such as fluid and pneumatic engineering, can be exchanged via interfaces within our CAE software.

Process Safety and Risk analysis

Phast is the world’s most comprehensive process hazard analysis software tool for all stages of design and operation. Phast examines the progress of a potential incident from the initial release to far-field dispersion analysis including modelling of pool spreading and evaporation, and flammable and toxic effects.

Flaresim is our highly developed and sophisticated flare simulation/design application. Designed by professional engineers, for professional engineers, it models thermal radiation and noise footprints generated by flare systems for offshore platforms, gas plants, refineries and chemical plants, and predicts the temperature of exposed surfaces within range.

Corrosion Engineering, Prediction and Material Selection

Prediction and Material Selection Software for Solving critical corrosion, cracking and materials selection problems for multiple industry verticals: Oil and Gas Production, Oil and Gas Transmission, Refinery Systems, Amine Units, Sour Water Systems.

Finite Element Analysis and Simulation

The Simulia Abaqus is complete solutions for realistic simulation. Simulia Abaqus product suite offers powerful and complete solutions for both routine and sophisticated engineering problems covering a vast spectrum of industrial applications. In the industry engineering work groups are able to consider full loads, dynamic vibration, multibody systems, impact/crash, nonlinear static, thermal coupling, and acoustic-structural coupling using a common model data structure and integrated solver technology.