ERP-integrated maintenance of plant equipment

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is an IT model for management of business activities, collection and storage of data to analyze and interpret enterprises’ existing resources. This is a set of tools for product planning, production cost, delivery, marketing, sales, warehousing, accounting, etc. ERP is considered a system for purposes of enterprise management.

Power plant information management with SDx

Safe operation is one of the top priorities in important areas of the energy industry in general and power plants in particular. Hexagon’s solution allows users to integrate document management, changes, configuration settings and operational standards in a single environment, to ensure that the operation is always according to the standard configuration. design.

Digital twin for plant lifecycle digital transformation

Hexagon provides the integrated Project Twin, Operational Twin and Situational Awareness solutions. The overall Digital Twin is the glue that connects these enterprise solutions and their data on one platform, enabling the “single version of the truth” concept. To prevent barriers to adoption, a Digital Twin can be built gradually using Hexagon solutions in different stages.

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